Board of Directors

The St. Demetrius (Ukrainian Catholic) Development Corporation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the St. Demetrius (Ukrainian Catholic) Development Corporation by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies that make sure the corporation has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Members of the board are the trustees of the corporation’s assets and adhere to organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation by contributing to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates.

Members of the board are volunteers that bring a passion for the cause, an eagerness to participate, preparedness for events, excitement to join committees with a skill to express of their ideas, a curiosity to learn more, a desire for stewardship and service and their creativity and innovation.

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Mary Kuschnir
Chair of the Board

Mary Kuschnir joined the Board on April 25, 2017.

Mary brings to the Board a vast experience and knowledge in strategic and competitive financial planning and business growth, infrastructure advancement, brand development, internal governance, and problem solving. She has experience both in business and not-for-profit organizations in setting visions, goals, developing strategies and cultivating partners. Mary has served on several Boards: Cheshire Homes; Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre and Chair of the Family Council at the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre. Mary Kuschnir received the Volunteer Service Award in 2011 -5 years, and in 2015 – 10-years from the Province of Ontario. The award recognizes volunteers for providing committed and dedicated service to an organization – in this case, The Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre.

Mary is the Chair of the Board and a member of all Board’s Committees.

Ann Semotiuk
Vice Chair of the Board

Ann Semotiuk Hons. B.A, BSW, MHSA joined the Board on November 19, 2019.

Ann brings to the Board vast experience in community and long-term care services. Her special interest in community development has led her to take an active role in advocating for best practices for seniors. Ann has served on many Boards in Ontario and Alberta: Ukrainian Canadian Social Services – Toronto; St. Peter and Paul Seniors Residence – Scarborough; Alberta Home Care Support Association; Edmonton Social Planning Council; and Elder Care Academy Advisory Board. Ann also serves as VP Administration for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto board, Chair of the Governance Committee for the Canada Ukraine Foundation and a member of the Civil Society Committee.

Ann holds the positions: Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee, and a member of the Strategic Visioning Sub Committee.

Irena Fedchun
Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

Irena Fedchun, MBA, CPA, CMA, joined the Board on July 23, 2020.

Irena brings to the Board extensive experience in financial management and planning in public and non-for-profit sectors. Irena has been Financial Director, Administrator at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Villa Columbo Homes for the Aged, CHATS (Community and Home Assistance to Seniors), and Audit Committee member of Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada. Irena has been on the Board of the Ivan Franko Homes for the Aged and the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited.

Irena holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Strategic Finance Committee.

Dana Bagan

Dana Bagan, B.Sc. (Pharmacy), joined the Board on January 30, 2018.

Dana has a Diploma in Pharmaco-epidemiology and is a certified Geriatric Pharmacist. Dana brings to the Board experience working in hospitals, long-term care and retirement facilities, and in developing and ensuring the integrity and quality of services by establishing management and safety programs in these facilities. Dana has been an active volunteer and was Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee of Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund, and now serves on the Board of the Canada Ukraine Foundation.

Dana is Chair of the Board’s Quality and Risk Management Committee.

Svitlana Nalywayko

Svitlana Nalywayko, MBA, joined the Board on October 3, 2017.

Svitlana has established a successful Yoga Studio and is responsible for its growth and development. Prior to establishing her business, Svitlana lived in Eastern Europe, managing a large British technical assistance project focused on restructuring state owned enterprises and encouraging small business development. She also spent a number of years managing a project on an Executive Training program for managers from Eastern Europe through York University’s Schulich School of Business, including raising funds for the program through provincial and federal governments as well as private corporations.

Svitlana is the Chair of the Board’s Marketing Committee and Co-Chair of the Strategic Visioning Sub Committee.

Edward Shawchuk

Edward Shawchuk joined the Board on November 9, 2021, as the Episcopal representative to the Board.

Edward is presently the Finance Officer of the Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Eastern Canada and responsible in assisting Bishop Bryan Bayda in administering the temporal goods of the Eparchy. He reports to the Eparchial Financial Council Bishop directly, creates fiscal policies and procedures, works closely with the Eparchial Finance Council and also maintains working relationships with parishes, government agencies, and other external stakeholders.

Daniel Hrycyna

Daniel Hrycyna, JD, B.A., joined the Board July 23, 2020.

Daniel is a practicing lawyer in Toronto, specializing in real estate, commercial and corporate, wills, trusts and estate law. Daniel is a member of the Eparchial Finance Council of the Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Eastern Canada. He is an active volunteer in the community and a member of the Knights of Columbus Sheptytsky Council.

Daniel is a member of the Board’s Nominating & Governance Committee and the Strategic Visioning Sub Committee.

Anne Bosy

Anne Bosy M.Sc. (Dentistry), M.Ed. (Measurement, Evaluation & Computer Applications), joined to the Board on July 16, 2020.

Anne brings to the Board broad, extensive experience in education, research, program development and management, working in the private sector, George Brown College, and public health in Ontario and Internationally. She has a long list of publications and presentations concerning clinical education, research and programs that she has developed as a result of her work. Anne is very active in the community and is a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League and parish activities.

Anne is a member of the Board’s Quality & Risk Management Committee, the Marketing Committee, and the Strategic Visioning Sub Committee.

Roman Coba

Roman Coba BSc. joined the Board on May 25, 2021.

Roman is a Senior Information Technology Executive who brings a business mindset to IT in developing integrated strategies and solution that leverage technology for the Enterprise to drive efficiencies and competitiveness.  Roman has served on several Boards, focused on IT development and IT Industry Governance and Oversite, as well as an active role on a number of boards in the Community Space, both local and abroad.  His Community involvement on Boards and active participation include: The Ukrainian Youth association, various orchestras and bands, the Orphans for Ukraine Support Group, and a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. Roman has a spouse Olena that is as actively engaged, as well as 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Roman is Co-Chair of the Board’s Strategic Visioning Sub Committee and a member of the Strategic Finance Committee.

Oksana Kunanec-Swarnyk

Oksana Kunanec-Swarnyk B.ScPT. Dip. P&OT joined the Board in March 22, 2022.

Oksana brings to the Board experience in providing rehabilitation services in primary, long-term care and community care in settings in Canada, Armenia and Ukraine. Over a ten year period, 1993-2013, she has worked as a volunteer in Lviv, Ukraine in establishing services and programs for children, adults and seniors. She is a co-founder of Dzherelo Children’s rehabilitation Centre and School in Ukraine and a member Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund for many years.

Oksana is a member of the Board’s Quality & Risk Committee and Marketing Committee.

Natalie Myhal

Natalie Myhal, Hons. B.A., Masters of Urban and Regional Planning joined the Board April 2024. Natalie brings to the Board extensive expertise in budgeting, in the workings of government operations, communications, demographics, and in planning strategic policies. Her decades of experience with Canadian management practices at various levels of government presented her with the opportunity to assist city staff in Lviv when Ukraine achieved Independence and to improve governance in post-apartheid South Africa. Natalie served as Treasurer and member of the not-for-profit Boards of West Neighbourhood House (formerly St. Christopher House) and Interval House. In addition, her skills in filing income tax returns and other financial and logistical issues assisted her in long term volunteering at the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services in Toronto. Natalie is a member of the Strategic Finance Committee.

Fr. Ivan Palisa

Fr. Ivan Palisa, M. Theology, joined the Board on May, 2021.

Fr. Ivan has been a parish priest at St. Demetrius the Great Martyr Ukrainian Catholic Church since 2005. Father Ivan’s responsibilities and experience include the spiritual care of St. Demetrius Residence and Care Centre residents, visiting the sick in hospitals, care-centres, hospices and homes as well as providing spiritual council in times of need. Fr. Ivan also has experience in organizing programs and events for youth throughout Ukraine.

Fr Ivan. is a member of the Board’s Nominating and Governance Committee.

Roman Pendzey

Roman Pendzey, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor), joined the Board in October 3, 2017.

He brings to the Board extensive experience in information systems development and management to a variety of clients: financial institutions, accounting firms, law firms, small business as well as youth and not-for profit organizations. Roman had been on the Boards of “Howerla” (recreation co-operative), League of Ukrainian Canadians – Etobicoke branch, and “Homin Ukrainy” (newspaper).

Roman is a member of the Board’s Nominating & Governance Committee, Quality & Risk Management Committee, and Strategic Visioning Sub Committee.

Markiyan Sloboda

Markiyan Sloboda, PhD, joined the Board on March 22, 2022.

Markian hold a PhD in computer science with experience in designing, implementing, managing, and automating business processes to support various types of business. He has a history of volunteer activities with Ukrainian Youth Organization and in his parish: St. Demetrius the great Martyr Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Markiyan is a member of the Board’s Strategic Finance Committee.