Celebrating February, Canada’s Therapeutic Recreation Month with a week-long St. Valentine’s themed festivities

February is the Therapeutic Recreation Month in Canada. It is a time to celebrate the power of recreation therapy to breathe new vitality and joy into life, and recognize the dedicated individuals behind it.

Their dedication and creative energy are boundless. Their ability to blend creativity, care, and enthusiasm into each activity makes the lives of our residents more vibrant and enriched. Warm, engaging, and full of heart – this is who they are – the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre’s Recreation team.

“Our goal is to enable our residents to live life to the fullest for as long as possible. Our residents, due to multiple health issues, have limited independence, including their ability to engage in recreational activities. However, this does not mean they cannot have a life worth living. Their need for joy, meaning, and purpose is just like ours, and we are there to help them rekindle the spark of life. There is nothing we love more than seeing our residents light up with a smile, rediscover fun, joy, and meaning —whether it’s singing along, swaying to the beat of a familiar tune, or engaging in arts and crafts activities, says Liliya Tsap, Manager of Programs on her behalf and on behalf of her team.

By engaging residents in a mix of small and big group activities that stimulate their minds, encourage physical movement, and foster social connections, along with organizing special events that cultivate a warm sense of community, our Recreation team fills the lives of our residents with cherished moments.

“The work of our Recreation team exemplifies the very best of what we strive to be as an organization—a place of love, warmth and care. With their outstanding dedication, creativity and innovative spirit our Recreation Team puts our Home at the forefront of recreational programming in the long-term care sector. I am immensely proud of their invaluable contributions; they truly put their heart into their work with our residents, ” says Irena Dounets, Executive Director.

Full of heart—that’s the essence of our Recreation team and the Care Centre itself. It is about cherishing life and celebrating love, and it is not a mere coincidence that St. Valentine’s lands in the middle of Canada’s Therapeutic Recreation month. Not for our Recreation team.

With vibrant decor of red garlands and twinkling hearts, a concert, an afternoon of chocolate fondue, fruit, and marshmallows, all lovingly arranged and served by our Recreation team, and with creative art activities, these special week-long celebrations left no doubt that our Recreation team is right – the connection between St. Valentine’s and Canada’s Therapeutic Recreation Month is strong and deep.

Just as it is between these two Valentine’s hearts.

These hearts are the reason for this special glint in Stefan’s eyes and for his mysterious smile.  Stefan wonders, which heart his wife would like best, which one will best tell her that the handyman she once fell in love with is still here, loving her just as deeply. These two hearts, crafted with the individualized support of Olena, our recreation assistant, symbolize the difference between life as mere existence due to illness and a life filled with meaning. Such is the profound impact of our recreation programs on the lives of our residents.

The importance of our recreation programs cannot be overstated.

In the month of Therapeutic Recreation, you can recognize the efforts of our Recreation Team and honour our seniors’ lives by making a donation towards our recreation programs.

Your donation directly translates into a life filled with meaning—a smile, a moment of joy, a crafted Valentine’s heart. 

The variety and customization of our therapeutic, interest-based recreation programs are made possible only through additional funding. We deeply appreciate any support you can provide, helping us to sustain and continuously enhance our programs, ensuring that every resident enjoys their quality of life for as long as possible.


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