A warm and welcoming in-person and virtual community, where older adults have opportunities to communicate with each other, make new friends, initiate and facilitate their own workshops, and engage in meaningful and exciting recreational activities virtually and in-person. The program provides a broad range of social, recreational and educational activities for seniors to enhance their physical, emotional and mental well-being and develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about what is happening this month click here. We look forward to seeing you online or in-person.

To sign-up for the Stay Connected Community Program or for more information, please call 647-725-0844 or email [email protected].



Below is a brief description of our weekly program

Barre Fitness  Inspired by a combination of ballet barre technique, standing Pilates repertoire, rehabilitative exercises, and aerobics, this low impact workout will get you dancing along to the beat of classic songs. We will use a chair as a “barre” to add stability and support to our workout, while engaging in movements focused on targeting specific muscle groups, training our balance, and improving our posture. The class will slowly build up from warm ups to more complex sequences to a nice cool down, helping you work not just your physical and cardiovascular endurance, but also keep your memory sharp. And hey, you can even play “Name That Tune” or sing along when your body needs a break!

Mindfulness Class  Practice tuning in to your body, breath, thoughts, and emotions to encourage health and well-being in all parts of your life. These sessions will begin with mindful walking, move to a few mindful moments to make us more comfortable for our sit, proceed to a different guided meditation each week, and then finish with mindful listening where participants share how practices are working for them inside and outside of our class time.

Monthly Book Club  Third Tuesday of every month. Monthly discussion of books selected by the participants. You’re welcome to join and listen even if you haven’t read the book.

Trivia, Games & Jeopardy Need some giggles to help lighten the load? Want to shake things up and find your inner child again? Join us in playing online Family Feud, Jeopardy, Pictionary, collaborative word finds, and team guessing games (be warned, we have a good shout in these!), and give your brain a little exercise with our favourite “concentration” memory game. Share your favourite riddle, pun, brain teaser, or joke, or pass along a list of your favourite songs for us to dance along to in “Name That Tune”! Come join us at this social gathering, drop in anytime, bring your lunch or coffee and have some giggles.

Chair Yoga    This chair yoga class with focus on mobility, breath, relaxation and is designed to bring us back to the present moment through mindfulness and movement. Expect to alleviate some tension in the shoulders, hips, and overall stiffness you may be encountering in the body, as well as techniques to strengthen the joints. This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and calm for the weekend.

Stretch & Strength In need of a good stretch that will make your body feel new again! Work together to engage each of your major muscle groups through various combinations of movements. Begin the class with a dynamic warm-up and end with a head to toe stretch. **please have a theraband/resistance band (elastic), inflated ball (about the size of a grapefruit – kids toys from the dollar store will work), and tennis ball.

Yoga to Unwind   This chair yoga class focuses on relaxation, to support unwinding the body and mind from daily stressors. Expect to spend the first half of class seated or standing, gently moving all of the joints in your body and breathing fully. The second half of class will include relaxing stretches (seated or laying down), emphasized with visualizations to revitalize your muscles and organs, and then finish with a guided meditation to refresh your mind. **please have a belt/scarf/tie and pillow handy**

Restorative Yoga for Better Sleep
Take some time to reconnect with yourself as we move through a slow, gentle sequence of yoga postures, all accompanied by deep yogic breathing that will leave you feeling refreshed and restored. The class encourages quietude and meditation and is suitable for students of all levels. Restorative Yoga is known to help reduce stress, improve digestion and promote better sleep. Props are typically used in a restorative class. If you have traditional yoga props, that’s great. If not, use what you have at home, like cushions, towels, blankets, pillows etc.