Stay Connected Community Program

Creating Spaces of Joy, Connection and Meaning

An older person doesn’t have to age alone. There is so much joy, purpose and meaning an older person can fill their lives with when they get engaged in recreational activities and interact with others, and our program gives older adults many wonderful opportunities to do that!

We offer an incredible variety of virtual and in-person recreational activities, and a wonderful, warm and welcoming community!  Our programs range from regular weekly exercise and arts and crafts classes, brain games and a monthly book club to culture-focused and health and wellness workshops. We offer one-on-one coaching sessions in technology in a safe and relaxed environment, where older adults can learn and practice under the guidance of our trainers. We make technology fun and easy for older adults, and we lend tablets to those who do not have technical devices.

Remotely or in-person, we always keep connected, support each other and find ways to create spaces of joy, connection and meaning so that older adults can live life to the fullest.

“This program has been a lifesaver for me during the pandemic.  It fills my heart with joy, it sparks my imagination and it gives me this special warm sense of belonging to a community, which is very reassuring! Thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful program possible!” Irene Kucherenko, program participant

For more information and to sign-up for any of our workshops and classes, please call 647-725-0844 or email [email protected]

Exercise & Mindfulness Classes

Our highly experiences instructors will guide you through a chair yoga, strength and stretch class, to mindfulness sessions to line dancing. Something for everyone.

Brain Games, Book Club, Travel Destination for the Curious Mind and more ....

Art with Olga

From acrylic painting, water colour painting to pastels. Learn from our talented instructor Olga.

Special Workshops

Special interest-based workshops on various topics, ranging from healthy lifestyle for older adults to music and art

Walking Club

Meet us for our in person walking club. Enjoy the sunny weather and have some laughs with old and new friends. Bring your friends, your smiles, and your readiness to walk!

Bus Trips