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helping older adults stay connected

Are you interested in learning how to access the internet or have a question about your device? Let us help you. Give us a call today for your free tech support.

We are committed to bridging the digital gap between older and younger generations. Older adults can benefit from technology, and our Program has proven that this is possible!
Our small group and one-on-one coaching sessions are specially designed for the older adults’ learning styles.  There is not a limit to the number of one-on-one coaching sessions we provide older adults. We help older adults for as long as it is needed for them to feel comfortable using technology and benefit from it.
Through our Tech for Help for Seniors Program older adults can learn how to browse Internet safely,  access valuable information, use Zoom, youtube, social media and more, and connect with others.

“From the comfort of my home, I can do much more than if I had to travel to different locations. It is a real treat to be able to do chair yoga, armchair travel, brain games, mindfulness sessions, educational workshops, and even line dancing, all at home, with several choices available each day! There is even a book club and art classes. Imagine being able to log in during a very cold winter day, or when it is too hot outside during the summer months. It is also motivational to have a routine of regular sessions. I would have never been able to be engaged in so many fun, educational, and beneficial activities if they had not been delivered in virtual format. To everyone who still thinks that they can never learn how to use this technology, don’t worry. Everyone can learn what you need to learn in order to participate, just like I did.

You don’t have to become an expert, plus we help each other out during every session. Nobody can say, “I don’t know how to do that.” without several volunteered suggestions from participants, and voila – you have just learned a new skill! With a few clicks on your computer, tablet, or laptop, you will be able to engage in wonderful recreational activities in a virtual group setting, making new friends, while having a few laughs. Don’t miss out on what can easily make your life more healthy, more joyful, and more fun!” enthuses Iryna Prus, a program participant since its inception three years ago.

To book your personalize tech help give us a call at 647-725-0844.


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