Healthy Aging Workshops

It is all about embracing the power of positive aging for sustaining our vitality as we age

From healthy cooking, nutrition and wellness to strengthening your physical health and well-being, our workshop series offer many opportunities to learn from experts in the fields what simple and affordable changes you can make in your lifestyle to help you age mentally and physically well. Our experts will also help you adopt a positive view on aging to motivate you and inspire you to sustain these positive changes and do even more.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the healthy cooking workshops with Nadja Piatka. Her low glycemic recipes became a staple in our Home, and her wonderful cooking demos were a delight to watch. I also loved her tips for healthy eating and healthy aging. Nadja, herself, is an embodiment of the power of healthy life style, and she inspired me to make simple positive changes in my life!” ~ xx

Some upcoming workshops: