Because you can make a difference in the care and services for vulnerable seniors and help them live their twilight years with dignity, comfort, purpose and respect

Your gift will

  • Give high quality care to seniors who suffer from some of the most complex health conditions, including Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and need round-the-clock care and support
  • Enrich the daily lives of the seniors we take care of in our nursing home, as we strive to provide and create new opportunities beyond government support for them to get involved in mentally and physically stimulating small group and one-on-one recreational therapy activities, suitable for their specific level of mobility and cognitive functioning and enabling them to sustain quality of life for as long as possible
  • Fight loneliness and social isolation of vulnerable seniors living in the community as we engage them in recreational and social activities with others and offer them a supportive community
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations and unforeseen needs, which may range from needs for urgent capital repairs and upgrades to a pandemic situation
  • Expand our operations and deepen our impact on the lives of seniors as we develop new programs and services for the seniors in our nursing home, as well as reach out to more vulnerable seniors living in the community

We are committed to serving vulnerable seniors who need care, services and a supportive community in order to be able to live their twilight years with dignity, comfort, purpose and respect.

We are proud of being able to develop and implement innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of seniors and stay at the leading edge of care and services for seniors.

We are grateful to our community of supporters – past and current family members, and individuals from our community who strongly believe in the importance of caring for vulnerable seniors, and whose committed support kindness and generosity make our sustainable development and growth possible.