Role of Family Council

Our role as Family Council is to enhance the quality of life and care for all residents, by promoting an atmosphere of sensitive caring and support among staff, friends, and family members of the Care Centre residents. Our Ukrainian Canadian environment will be respected in accordance with cultural needs of the residents.

Goals of Family Council

  • Support each resident’s rights, safety, and security, quality of care and quality of life while respecting family wishes.
  • Assist families with decisions that affect their loved ones by developing strong partnerships with management and staff to ensure effective continuity of quality care for each resident.
  • Provide residents’ families and persons of importance to residents with ongoing orientation, assistance and support including information to families of new residents admitted to the home.

Objectives of Family Council

  • To provide families with better understanding of residents’ life at the Centre.
    Coordinate forums and distribute information to families, staff and the community in an effort to increase better understanding of residents’ needs and strive to support the instruction and utilization of “best practices” at the Centre.
  • To develop a strong partnership with the Executive Director
    Advise the Executive Director of concerns or recommendations brought to Council’s attention where the Executive Director responds to these issues and concerns in a timely manner.
  • To advise everyone on the importance of respecting the rights and obligations under the new Long Term Care Act.
    Advise residents, family members of residents and persons of importance to residents respecting their rights and obligations under the tenets and provisions of the Long Term Care Act 2007 – sections 59-60 concerning Family Councils.
  • To support families with dispute resolution processes.
    Educate and empower families to advocate for their loved ones in an attempt to assist in dispute resolutions between residents, their families and the Care Centre.

Family Council Executive Members

  • Edward Szpular, Chair
  • Bill Didycz, Vice-Chair
  • Luba Kuzyk, Secretary

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We welcome suggestions, recommendations and comments from residents, families, volunteers, staff and friends. Your opinions are important to us. Please send us an email directly at [email protected] or leave a note at the front reception desk and we will respond to you as soon as possible.