Our Celebration by Mary Kuschnir




Our Celebrations… Наші Свята, is an invaluable resource in honouring the joyousness of Ukrainian traditions. This book is a tribute to the richness of Ukrainian’s heritage, beliefs, legends, customs and superstitions. This book is a delight to readers and eaters alike. This book is a blend of Ukrainian forefather’s celebrations and the festivities, traditions, spiritual rites, and hospitality Ukrainians in the diaspora celebrate today. Our Celebrations is a must-have reference in cultivating Ukrainian customs and in assisting our children to appreciate their heritage. This 200-page hardcover book with a 9.0”x9.5” graphic outer box is written in English with Ukrainian headings and 267 glossy full colour illustrations. You will find in the book some traditions and festivities that continue to form our Ukrainian identity: – Greetings and symbols of Ukrainian hospitality – Primer of traditional celebrations – Christmas, Easter, New Year, Ivana Kupala, weddings, etc. – Catalogue of over 115 authentic recipes for each celebration …and much more! Смачного! / Smachnoho! / Bon Appétit!

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Dimensions 23.5 × 23.5 × 2 cm

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